A complementary Enneagram type discernment quiz to help you get started:

Type discernment process–

Which of the following 9 COLOR CODED summaries best describes you?

Remember you are looking for patterns and habits, where you have your “home.” This means you know and feel deep down which patterns of behavior are yours. You may feel like 2 or even 3 summaries “belong to you” This is fine. Discernment is a process. One type may be your core and one a secondary type. Or you may be feeling your wing style. Be as honest and vulnerable with yourself as possible.

Your type will emerge soon enough. Stay with it:

People have told me that I am intense, a dreamer, and dramatic. I feel things deeply, sometimes it seems as though I feel them more deeply than others. I long for and dream about things to make it all seem better. I can get sad when I cannot make these things happen, and then it seems like I always am wanting what I cannot have. It sounds like I am a victim, but I feel abandoned much of the time, or at least when I am down. I long for happiness and the deep connection with others, yet I seem cut off somehow. Sometimes it seems that others have it so much better than I do. I guess I am an incurable romantic. Tell Rosemary (see below) you are Color Type Lilac.

I am told I am mellow, or laid back, or easy going. I like to see all sides of an issue and when I am stressed, it is tough for me to differentiate. When stressed, I see a lot of “shades of grey,” in my thinking and feeling.I do not know what I want sometimes and so I just go along and try to get along with what others want. I say things like “whatever” or “it doesn’t matter to me.” If I do not resolve things, I feel that they will just work themselves out most of the time. Sometimes I go on and on like this passively and then out of the blue, I will get very angry. People close to me might also say I’m passive-aggressive. I guess I can live vicariously through others. Tell Rosemary (see below) you are Color Type Green.

I am like the rabbit in the yard. I watch and can worry. Or I am like a dog or snake who bites when he is fearful and I can lash out at others when I am experiencing fear or a lot of doubt. I can sense if people are trustworthy or not, and when I feel safe, I can hear my inner voice very strongly, and I can be very loyal. When something is more familiar or when it is within my realm of comfort, I do not have as much of a problem being suspicious of it. It is when things get too different from what I am used to that “my ears can perk up, and I can distrust easily.” I often ask what is the worst that can happen, hoping to get that out of the way, so I can get on with things. The world can be threatening, I guess I could be more optimistic. Tell Rosemary (see below) you are Color Type Orange.

I like to take charge and have no problem leading a group. I say what I mean and mean what I say and want others to do the same. I do not like games that people can play. If I don’t respect you, you cannot be my authority. If someone acts weak, or helpless, it can really bother me. It especially bothers me if they do not do anything about it. Sometimes people say I get loud, bossy and controlling, but I step in when I feel it is necessary. I know how to protect the underdog too, I don’t understand why people would want to hurt someone, and will always stand up for people who are being treated unfairly. I guess I could be more in touch with my own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Tell Rosemary (see below) you are Color Type Pink.

I love people. I am a people person. People tell me that I am caring, or helpful, and I get so much pleasure out of making people happy. I often know what they need before they do, or at least I can sense what it is they are needing.I will give a lot in my relationships but when I feel that people do not want to give back to me, I can become very resentful, even vindictive.. After all, I do a lot for them and I feel it should be reciprocated.I often avoid my own desires and needs, and many times don’t even know what it is I truly need. Other people’s needs seem more inviting than my own. I guess I could pay myself first more often. Tell Rosemary (see below) you are Color Type Blue.

I always see a way how to make things better. It is sometimes hard for me to see things that are incorrect or could be done better, even if it is not my problem. Some people tell me to not be so rigid or they call me a perfectionist. I can be demanding, but I have strong principles. I certainly have high expectations for myself. In fact, I have a critical streak that can be hard to live with. If I don’t do something right, I can beat myself up. Then I can get down on myself for beating myself up. That feels like spinning my wheels. I know how to have fun too but I am very serious a lot of the time. I am a hard work worker and very dependable. If I give you my word you can count on me to come through. I guess I could lighten up. Tell Rosemary (see below) you are Color Type Purple.

I don’t like failure or laziness. I like to “walk the talk.” I am very capable, even driven and competitive, and I like being a good team member. Delegating can be hard for me, especially if the person I am delegating to doesn’t share my drive or love of success. In all my roles, I work to be the best, to be a success. There is always a lot to do in my eyes. “No rest for the wicked,” they say. People tell me I am quick and impatient at times, and they often tell me I am ambitious or I get a lot done. The roles I play and image I present often have a greater urgency and seem more important to me than my expressing my feelings, or going deep within myself. When I get depleted, I zone out or collapse. I guess It might help in the long run to share my real feelings more often. Tell Rosemary (see below) you are Color Type Fuchsia.

I often like to be alone and not have to deal with a lot of people. “My cave” is where you will find me, or maybe with one person . Learning and collecting new data is appealing for me. People often tell me that I am bright. It is hard for me when people want me to share my feelings as I tend to listen to them instead of doing a lot of sharing. I like to see the big picture, and analyze things so I can understand it thoroughly. It isn’t that I don’t like people, I do, but it just seems more fun sometimes thinking about them after we have been together. I’m not really a party or “people person,” and sometimes people I know well do tell me I can come across as aloof. When sharing feelings with people, I need to know them well, and that takes time. I guess I could reach out to others more. Tell Rosemary (see below) you are Color Type Gold.

I am pretty grateful for everything I have. I think life should be fun and we all shouldn’t be so serious. There is always something that I can find interesting and get involved in, so I can get distracted, or scattered. I am an optimist, and like to be positive. I often have a lot of energy for whatever it is that I am into. I always see the glass half full, and while people seem to like that about me, I drive some people crazy because I can jump around when we talk. They might not see how it relates to the topic but I do. Or, they tell me I’m funny. I like to see the big picture of things, and often wonder about it all. When things get tough, making plans, and having something to look forward will give me a lift. I guess being focused and doing less is better for me. Tell Rosemary (see below) you are Color Type Turquoise.

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