If you’d like to gather a basic understanding of the nine universal types on the Enneagram here’s a podcast interview with Rosemary, hosted by Wild Crazy and Meaningful Enneagram with Pace Smith.

Rosemary Hurwitz teaches us how each of the nine types has a Wellness Map: how the Enneagram’s stress and security points can guide us away from our unwell tendency and towards our “heaven on earth.” LISTEN HERE FOR PODCAST




Below is a short mantra for each type:

  • 1: Good Reformer “Not my problem”
  • 2: Loving Giver “Giving AND receiving”
  • 3: Effective Achiever “What am I feeling? What’s my truth?”
  • 4: Original/Romantic “I have everything I need to grow”
  • 5: Wise Observer “In participation is the best experience” (being engaged without being attached)
  • 6: Loyal Vigilant “To thine own self be true”
  • 7: Joyful Adventurer “Loosen my inner critic” or “Stay.”
  • 8: Powerful Protector “Balance is the key to my true power”
  • 9: Peaceful Mediator “Resolve little things before they become big” (I know it feels like you don’t care, but *I* need to know what you need; it’s not good for me to steamroll you).

Here are interviews with Rosemary on her work with the Enneagram and links to her co-authored books:

Click on the book to purchase it from amazon.com
Click on the book to purchase it from amazon.com