Coaching Sessions

In a 75 minute consult, where you receive a written reading of your enneagram type, you will learn
1.  the 9 universal types and your core personality type (which of the 9 universal types you have your “home in.”)

2. Your wing-style and how this contributes to your unique personality.

3. Your emotional passion or driving energy is and how your management of it can help you to thrive.

4. Your area of avoidance, or blind spot – how recognizing it and owning  it and working it through can bring better emotional awareness and health.

5. Your preferred instinctual center, (heart, head or gut) and how to align them for the best problem solving.

6. Your “wellness map.” This is a profound piece of the consult because it will resonate within as it shows you very specifically which Enneagram type you receive from -attract within- when you are centered and which Enneagram type’s aspects you attract within when you are stressed or disconnected. Every personality type on the Enneagram has these two corresponding types which inform them profoundly and even guides them to their essence.

This rounded out and very specific picture of you will show you your states of optimal emotional wellness. This new awareness of how you receive grace within your unique map will enlighten and empower you, and assist you in choosing to come from a centered place of security and love. Said another way, Enneagram practice can greatly reduce your stress and increase your well-being.


I will give a workshop for 2 people, or 50, or 200. In each workshop or seminar, I tailor the workshop to the needs of the group. If you are a corporation, or a small company, or in a holistic or educational setting , I have 15 years of experience and can set up a seminar or workshop with you that will meet the needs of your group.

For example, if you are looking for more cohesion in your work environment group, the self-awareness gained from taking the enneagram profile/assessment and my guidance of the gifts of the individuals within the group will be helpful for all in the group. In addition, learning and understanding what each individual’s general challenges are, will also contribute to the “roadblocks,” that the group may be experiencing.

I continue to be an instrument of this time-honored personal development tool, ever-committed to this work after 15 years because of the profound growth experience the Enneagram offers.



  1. Phone or In-Person 1 hour Consult, includes written reading of your Enneagram type that you will receive before your appointment,  $125.
  2. Enneagram Written Reading only,  $75.
  3. Introductory Enneagram Workshop, $75.-/individual


Rosemary is a certified Angel Card Reader -investment is $65. for a 45 minute reading

For more information, email Rosemary at or call her directly at 847-334-2558.