Rosemary, your poem is exquisite.

Caroline Myss | Author

Rising Up With Spring; more or less

by Rosemary Hurwitz

More letting go and letting God – feeling lighter,– less angst
More balance in my giving and receiving,– less false pride and resentment
More connecting with my inner feelings and truth,– less image and role baggage
More and consistent baby steps toward dreams in ordinary ways,– less longing
More heart to heart connections,– less collecting of information
More trust and Buddha belly breathing– less second guessing, doubt and fear
More presence and attention to life unfolding ,– less rushing around, splintering
More vulnerability, patience and love for all,– less Bossy-ness
More self-expression and “dialing my true self up”– less “dialing down” and invisibility

hello. i just wanted to reach
out and tell you how much i
appreciate your knowledge
and your book. I’m a
psychologist in
Pennsylvania. i have been
finding the use of the
enneagram very helpful in
guiding people to self
awareness. i recommend
your book to many clients!
i just wanted to reach out
and say thankbyou!!!
Marcy Pearsall. my
practice is woodside
professional counseling and
wellness.                                                                                                                                                                    Marcy Pearsall


John Doe

“Rosemary and I originally connected through art. I recently had the opportunity to work with her on my first enneagram reading. It’s no surprise that she could paint my likeness with her words. Metaphorically, Rosemary taught me to see how my “portrait” might change with different lighting or from different angles—knowing what to add or take away to get the best results. Getting to know my enneagram profile is like meeting myself as a new best friend! I’m excited. Thanks Rosemary.”

– Lindy Bishop Dingeman

John Doe

I was fortunate to have a oersonal session recently with Rosemary Hurwitz and am midway through her insightful book Who You Are Meant To Be, The Enneagram Effect. It came at just the right time during this Covid19 time of introspection and isolation that we are all experiencing.

I am gaining self-awareness from the book as I explore my own emotional traits-including finding new ways to direct the fears -drom my shadow side-and developing new coping mechanisms.The insights and observations for my core and corresponding types resonate very strongly with me.I look forward to following up with the Author to develop my own unique profile.

K Ashley

John Doe


      Your Enneagram workshop at the Theosophical Society of America was very enlightening for me.  At first I was surprised that I was a Type Four but as you went through the depth of meaning it was very clear that it was definitely me! It helped a great deal to have your interpretation of each type and how the high side and low side impact us. It has been very validating for me to know that there is a deeper meaning behind my personality!! Thank you very much!
Lynn K.

Lynn K.

“Rosemary teaches and works with an incredible instrument of transformation, the Enneagram. It is essentially a mirror that reflects both the resourceful and non-resourceful characteristics of an individual’s nature, which allows us to become aware of our strengths and weaknesses as we engage the process of our own personal development. Rosemary’s brings enthusiasm and deep wisdom to this beautiful tradition through her teachings and coaching. I am very happy to have worked with her.”

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Author of "The Five Levels of Attachment" and "Living a Life of Awareness"

“I really love to work with people that are passionate about what they do. Rosemary is one of those people and her passion is teaching, sharing and living the Enneagram. Not only does her excitement come through in a reading, but her vast knowledge was evident, which left me in awe of how well she new the material.

Equally relevant is the accuracy and profoundness of the Enneagram! I was left with a lot of information to ponder and incorporate into my own life and received validation on some issues that left me feeling that I was really being witnessed. Rosemary has an amazing gift to share and I highly recommend working with her.”

Madisyn Taylor


“I have known Rosemary Hurwitz for several years and have always been impressed by her skills as a presenter. I am especially grateful to have had the opportunity of having her administer , and evaluate an Enneagram profile for me. I found this a wonderful tool for increasing self-awareness and for developing greater compassion for others as we understand the personality matrix out of which we ourselves and others are operating.

I do frequent workshops and am delighted that Rosemary agreed to do one with me next weekend. It will be on the topic of creating a spiritual path and Rosemary will be leading several sessions relating to her Enneagram work.

Rosemary is talented, dedicated, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable both in the Enneagram, and other aspects of adult spiritual education. I recommend her without hesitation or qualification.”

The late Dr. Ron Miller

Chair of the Religion Dept. at Lake Forest College and Co-Founder of Common Ground Center; Author of Wisdom of the Carpenter, Healing The Jewish-Christian Rift, and several others

“If you are looking for your life’s answers, then Rosemary Hurwitz, is your best resource. When I think of Rosemary, one of the first words that comes to mind is “awareness.” In fact I think she could be considered the “Awareness Queen!”

She recently (Fall 2018,) conducted an Enneagram (personality to higher consciousness) reading for me that was so detailed, precise- specific to the inner me- that I highly recommend her to you! Sign up for one session or as many as you need to live a life of awareness and good emotional health/spiritual connection. You will be so glad you did!”

Lisa Hardwick

International Publisher

“Beyond the complexities of the mind resides the simplicity and beauty of the heart. Rosemary Hurwitz holds a deep and sophisticated understanding of the Enneagram and it’s personality types. She has a poetic way of interweaving this complex psychological system into practical ways for living a meaningful and purposeful life. I highly recommend her services to anyone searching to discover their truth.”

Dr. Darren Weissman

Developer of The LifeLine Technique and Author of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude

“Rosemary is a gifted teacher of the Enneagram. Her gift is her gentle and kind heart that allows one to look upon all parts of the self with compassion and deep insight. I can’t think of a better guide for taking the Enneagram journey to self understanding.”

Susan Wisehart

Author of Soul Visioning