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InnerQuest interview with Rosemary Hurwitz on the Enneagram

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Empower On-Demand

Join us in meeting Rosemary Hurwitz, who teaches the time-honored Enneagram–which can provide a fascinating map of our own personalities and how to navigate the world more beautifully

Wild Crazy and Meaningful Enneagram

Rosemary provides a basic understanding of the nine universal types on the Enneagram during an interview with Pace Smith.

Life Mastery Radio

Rosemary sits down for another interview to discuss her experience with the Enneagram.

Guided Spirit Conversations

Guided Spirit Conversations is hosted by Marla Goldberg and is produced by Bradley Parsons at Train Sound Studio. This week Marla talks with Rosemary Hurwitz.

Magazine Interview

The Monthly Aspectarian

America’s Oldest Spiritual and Metaphysical Magazine. Interview with Walter Perschke.

Below is a short mantra for each type:
  1. Good Reformer “It is not always my problem”
  2. Loving Giver “Giving from  FULL well is best”
  3. Effective Achiever “What am I feeling? What’s my truth? those are the questions?”
  4. Original/Romantic “I have everything I need to grow”
  5. Wise Observer “In participation is the best experience”
  6. Loyal Vigilant “To thine own self be true”
  7. Joyful Adventurer “Loosen my inner critic” or “Focus & Stay.”
  8. Powerful Protector “Balance, not power, is the key to my true power”
  9. Peaceful Mediator “Resolve little things before they become big”