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Rosemary’s Workshops and Events, Autumn 2023

Ongoing Zoom Group: Join our Enneagram zoom workshop small group on the 2nd Tuesday of the month-6:30-pm-8pm, for your deepened awareness of your personality type and emotional wellness. Alternately consider setting up your own small group for Rosemary to facilitate a zoom or in person workshop! Email me at [email protected]

 SEPT. 1st-8th “Seminar at Sea” SAIL WITH SPIRIT, ALASKA Enneagram presentation and sessions. For more info, contact [email protected]


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8th “Practitioners’ Fair | Spirit of Wellness, Intuition, & Healing” INFINITY FOUNDATION Highland Park, IL
Boost Your Evolutionary Path with shorter-sessions from a Variety of Expert Practitioners. Enjoy a Discernment session with me to find out your personality type with its unique wellness map within it.
Time 1:30 – 4:30 PM CST
Cost: Entry is free, Mini-Sessions: Practitioners’ Fees apply
More info here

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5th  “Meditate-a-thon Fundraiser” 
Time: Live Meditation Offerings: 9am-1pm, Noon-1pm Rosemary Hurwitz “Affirmations & Breathwork for the 9 Personality Types on the Enneagram”
More infö at  infinityfoundation.org

SATURDAY, November 11th, 10 am CT “A Taste of the Enneagram”

http://TASTEOFTHEENNEAGRAM.EVENTBRITE.COM Inspirational presentations with IEA Professionals, Jerry Wagner, Claire Loughrige, Rosemary Hurwitz, Danielle Fanfair, Milton Stewart from The International Enneagram Assn- Great Lakes Regions: To register, go to Facebook.com/rosemaryhurwitz or Facebook.com/EnneagramGreatLakes

SUNDAY, November 12th “The Enneagram, A Window to your Soul”
CLUB PILATES Buffalo Grove, IL
Time 2:15-4:15pm

Workshop for deepened awareness on Personality to Essential Self  for Body Mind Spirit Health,
Also, receive a free Pilates session and enter a Raffle to win a free month at Club Pilates!
call for details, 224-377-0305.

NOVEMBER 18th & 19th “Enneagram Certification Course” CEUs provided

Time: 9-3 pm -2 day course
Register  infinityfoundation.org
Get to know yourself at a deep level;  If you are interested in the Enneagram, are a parent, a Teacher, a Therapist, a Life Coach, a Spiritual Director, an HR professional, or feel a call to a career in Life-coaching. this is your opportunity to delve deeper. You’ll receive your own comprehensive Enneagram type assessment to reveal your core personality type with strengths and challenges, passions and blind spots, wellness map, wing styles, preferred instinctual center and ways to practice self-awareness, compassion and better emotional health. You’ll learn where you are coming from health, and where you need to focus your loving self-care. You’ll learn wisdom about your feeling, thinking and doing from the Hornevian triads on the Enneagram that will shift you into more emotional wellness. Add the profound Enneagram to your other holistic modalities for body mind spirit health. Certification and CEUs. Infinityfoundation.org

DECEMBER 10th “The Enneagram Workshop, A Window To Your Soul”  Personality to Essential self assessments. INNER HAVEN  Grayslake, IL
Time 11am-1pm,  Register- 224-252-2945

Remember I am here for your personal and/or couple needs. An Enneagram session with me can open up a whole new world of emotional intelligence and health for yourself and your relationships. <3

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My book Who You Are Meant To Be, The Enneagram Effect  (see photo and review below,) can be found on amazon.com.


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