Beyond the complexities of the mind resides the simplicity and beauty of the heart. Rosemary Hurwitz holds a deep and sophisticated understanding of the Enneagram and it’s personality types. She has a poetic way of interweaving this complex psychological system into practical ways for living a meaningful and purposeful life. I highly recommend her services to anyone searching to discover their truth.

—-Dr. Darren Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique and Author of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude

Rosemary is a gifted teacher of the Enneagram. Her gift is her gentle and kind heart that allows one to look upon all parts of the self with compassion and deep insight. I can’t think of a better guide for taking the Enneagram journey to self understanding

—Susan Wisehart, Author of Soul Visioning

I have known Rosemary Hurwitz for several years and have always been impressed by her skills as a presenter. I am especially grateful to have had the opportunity of having her administer , and evaluate an Enneagram profile for me. I found this a wonderful tool for increasing self-awareness and for developing greater compassion for others as we understand the personality matrix out of which we ourselves and others are operating.

I do frequent workshops and am delighted that Rosemary agreed to do one with me next weekend. It will beon the topic of creating a spiritual path and Rosemary will be leading several sessions relating to her Enneagram work.

Rosemary is talented, dedicated, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable both in the Enneagram, and other aspects of adult spiritual education. I recommend her without hesitation or qualification.

—–The late Dr. Ron Miller, Chair of the Religion Dept. at Lake Forest College and Co-Founder of Common Ground Center; Author of Wisdom of the Carpenter, Healing The Jewish-Christian Rift, and several others


I completed a 4 week course on the Enneagram with Rosemary Hurwitz, MA.PS.  I learned more about myself in the 4 weeks than I learned in a year and a half of marriage counseling at $150 per session. I am grateful to Rosemary for sharing her wisdom and emotional wellness.

Mary M.


For several years we have been a presenting couple in a marriage preparation program patterned after the Marriage Encounter program. The Discovery program is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Chicago for engaged couples. Last March, Rosemary conducted an Enneagram in-service for a few veteran presenting couples.

Rosemary gave an overview of the Enneagram and WEPSS system, drawing specific examples from our personal profiles. In a 90 minute session, she did an excellent job of describing the significance of this tool in general and our personal profiles in particular.

Rosemary not only provided an overview of each type, but also captured in her examples how the dynamics of each might play out in everyday life. It was particularly helpful as a couple to see how and when our different styles may help or hinder our interactions.

We were impressed by Rosemary’s enthusiasm and passion for the topic. In her unique and animated style, she demonstrated why the Enneagram is such a useful tool for self understanding and awareness. Rosemary’s ability to connect the mundane and the spiritual and her willingness to offer personal examples make her an excellent teacher.

—-Dan and Carol Doody,  Oak Park, Illinois

I met Rosemary at a Retreat that I was invited to by a Religion Professor on campus about three years ago. I had some experience with the Enneagram in high school so I was interested to learn more. I was very captivated by the ancient Enneagram and Rosemary’s level of expertise and wisdom.

The knowledge Rosemary has passed on, has helped me not only reflect upon myself, but has made me more aware of and has helped me to improve my relationships with the people closest to me.

I was so interested in the Enneagram and very excited about the knowledge that I gained from Rosemary, that I asked her to lead a similar retreat at Lake Forest College. I was thrilled that she was so enthusiastic to work with a group of college students! The Retreat was a major success-over 20 students gathered for reflection, introspection, discussion, and “the work” of our type. The following year we decided to make it an annual event, and are now planning our 4th Retreat which will take place in November 2009. The Enneagam has been such a powerful tool for college students, as we are searching to find ourselves in the “big scary world.” It has truly been beneficial for me, and many of my peers as well. Feel free to connect with me at if you would like any further information about my experiences with Rosemary!

—Regina Cyvas, Incoming Senior Lake Forest College

I was first introduced to Rosemary when I attended a lecture of hers in the city. I have studied the Enneagram on my own through books, but was drawn to Rosemary’s ability to make the Enneagram and its uses more immediate and understandable.

Right after the lecture, I asked her to work with me (a six) and my mother (a three) over a period of several days, both to confirm our type and to help understand our personal challenges and our key relationships. We both completed the assessment and received a written explanation of our personality type.

At our sessions, we both found Rosemary to be, of course, completely fluent in all nine of the Enneagram types, and also warm, compassionate, and open.

My mom is a pretty healthy three, but she and Rosemary talked about areas where she can continue to grow. I am a mother of young children, and we focused much more on my key relationships – with my spouse, children, and friends. Rosemary drew out experiences of mine and used them to explore new ways of relating to others. She gave me so many ideas to think about and practice. I think about the work we did together every day. I am more aware of why I do and say things. It helps me think about what I need to work on (e.g., get out of my head, consider what’s the best that could happen), and helps me give myself a break once in a while.

I have asked Rosemary to come back into the city this fall to lead a series of workshops for my friends. I have invited about 20 women, most with small children, to complete the WEPSS assessment. The first workshop will review the nine types, and the second will focus on primary relationships.

I have become more and more convinced that the Enneagram is a very useful tool for understanding and accepting yourself and others. Like many things, it is difficult to grasp on your own. Rosemary is a wonderful teacher and coach – I’m glad I found her.

-Amy Ross, Chicago, Illinois

I TRULY enjoyed taking the enneagram with Rosemary. The process was fun and insightful. The enneagram allowed me to understand where my strengths and challenges lie, and also to have a better understanding of my close relationships, as well as the people around me.

It is clear that Rosemary has a passion for this tool and for leading people through the process of deeper self-discovery. She was a wonderful guide for me as we discussed my enneagram results and how they apply to my life. Her “reading” through the entire enneagram consult brought many things to light and gave me alot to think about and work on.

—Sharon Bertrand, Deerfield, Illinois

I am an employer of 120 people. Recently, Rosemary Hurwitz made an excellent presentation on The Enneagram for personal and professional growth, and gave the workshop to several interested employees within our operation. From a curiosity standpoint, I attended the seminar. I walked in a skeptic, and ended, a believer. The presentation was fascinating, informative, and to my wonderment, accurate. I personally recommend to other corporate entities that they entertain “this spirit-driven living that will define individuals within their own Enneagrams.” There are more people within our organization that look forward to their personal reading and we will do this again.

—David Marks, CEO, President of DM Merchandising,  Inc.

Rosemary is a gracious and sensitive guide through the deep and ancient wisdom of the Enneagram. She offers a wonderful opportunity for personal transformation and spiritual growth.

—-Therese Evans, PhD, Author of Living By Heart: Empowering Children’s Connection to Universal Wisdom

An Enneagram reading with Rosemary opens the door to deeper understanding of how personality type affects our response to life experience and relationships. In a warm, engaging, non-judgmental way, Rosemary guides you through the ups and downs of this fascinating territory with all its joys and pitfalls. She gives helpful suggestions for dealing with the dark side of one’s personality type and provides a framework for seeing the patterns that emerge when we function harmoniously and dis-harmoniously. Ouch! Heaven and hell are both there to be accessed, and we have a choice of where we wish to dwell. This is empowering!

Laura Bernstein, co-author of *Healing the Jewish-Christian Rift*,
meditation facilitator, and pilgrim on the spiritual path.

If you’re looking for a simple path to well-being and understanding what makes you tick, go no further. Rosemary Hurwitz has decoded the fascinating and richly complex system of the Enneagram in a way that is personal and makes sense. I am still processing our animated session that revealed why I think and act the way I do when I’m under stress, and what I can do to course-correct, rewire, and release stuck patterns for good!

Conversational, easy-going, and fun, Rosemary conveys a wealth of wisdom in small bites that you can easily put to use into your daily life and will deliver *ah-ha* moments for years to come.
–*Stephanie Bennett Vogt,* MA Author, *Your Spacious Self*

"Rosemary teaches and works with an incredible 
instrument of transformation, the Enneagram. It is 
essentially a mirror that reflects both the resourceful and non-resourceful characteristics of an individual's 
nature, which allows us to become aware of our strengths and weaknesses as we engage the process of our own 
personal development. Rosemary's brings enthusiasm and 
deep wisdom to this beautiful tradition through her 
teachings and coaching. I am very happy to have worked 
with her."

don Miguel Ruiz Jr., author of "The Five Levels of Attachment" and "Living a Life of Awareness"

I really love to work with people that are passionate
 about what they do.  
Rosemary is one of those people and her passion is 
teaching, sharing and living the Enneagram.
Not only does her excitement come through in 
a reading, but her vast knowledge was evident, which 
left me in awe of how well she new the material.

Equally relevant is the accuracy and profoundness of 
the Enneagram! I was left with a lot of information to 
ponder and incorporate into my own life and received 
validation on some issues that left me feeling that i 
was really being witnessed. 
Rosemary has an amazing gift to share and I highly 
recommend working with her.

- Madisyn Taylor, DailyOM

* “The passion and joy that Rosemary approaches her Enneagram readings with is truly contagious. Not only are the messages in the Enneagram validating but the gentle and nurturing way in which Rosemary shares the information can be a source of healing. If you want to know yourself better, I highly recommend Rosemary and her insightful, joyful Enneagram readings.”  ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston Psychic Medium and Author, Invoking The Archangels


* “Thank you, Rosemary, for the wonderfully insightful and informative enneagram reading. I am deeply impressed by your skill, understanding, and heart.”

-Caroline Pincus, associate publisher, Red Wheel Weiser Books and Conari Press


Rosemary’s classes on the Enneagram are fascinating as she makes the  subject and its nuances easy to learn and fun.  I’d recommend the Ennagram to anyone who has an interest in learning about different aspects of the psyche in a way that is useful and not merely theoretical.

Love you,

Lisa S., student, Common Ground


I have been attending meetings with Rosemary for at least three years.
My time spent in Enneagram Sessions with Rosemary have been an amazing learning opportunity.

I have been taught to understand myself and have been made aware of who I am and how to deal with difficult issues that arise, by knowing how to balance myself.
I always look forward to our meetings and learn something new each time.

Rosemary is very well versed in the area of the Enneagram and has a gift in how she conveys all she has learned to others.
She has a grasp of so much information. I’m so glad to know her and to be a part of these special sessions.

Thank you,

Rose A. , student, Common Ground

Rosemary is an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable teacher of the Enneagram.

I have learned a great deal from her classes and recommend working with her.

Teresa P., student, Common Ground


I just completed the four-week Enneagram course with Rosemary at Harper College.

It was both a revelation and affirmation. Rosemary is incredibly knowledgeable about her subject and provides numerous “Aha!” moments.
She was very detailed  in individualizing and describing each of the 9 universal personality types and each participant’s Enneagram personality assessment.
. She is totally assured without being “preachy,” and always is willing to point out her own limitations.
A highly enjoyable learning experience. I’m looking forward to Level Two class.
April 2017.

Bob Basofin
Retired, High School Principal


“Rosemary Hurwitz uses the Enneagram system combined with her personal gifts of healing and intuition to reflect a true image of a person’s essence in ways that are practical and provide comfort.
My experience of her reading was a ‘coming home’ feeling. What she revealed about my personal makeup helped me gain clarity about things that have hindered me or caused frustration for years. By learning about my own natural style, it becomes much easier to make adjustments so that life fits my true self. I appreciate her emphasis on integration and alignment so that the flow of power can move smoothly through me and make living out my soul mission in this lifetime a beautiful process rather than constant struggle.”
Jacob Nordby, Author,
Blessed Are the Wierd
Through the Enneagram Assessment, Rosemary helped us gain insight into our personality types and how they impact all aspects of our lives, including our relationship with each other.
Her personalized descriptions and explanations have been especially useful as we make important life decisions. We also have grown closer as a married couple thanks to a better understanding of each other’s personality type.

Rosemary has a thorough knowledge of the Enneagram and is excellent at sharing the findings in a respectful, professional manner. We highly recommend Rosemary’s Enneagram Coaching services to better understand your personality type and improve your relationships with others.

Barb and Frank M.


“I’ve never met anyone that was such a fountain of information and knowledge on the enneagram!  Rosemary really knows it inside and out! ”

Lydia Smith, Director of documentary,
Walking the Camino


It was an honor and privilege to receive my Enneagram reading from Rosemary.  I was blown away by her professionalism and knowledge about everything to do with the enneagram process.  I am feeling so calm, peaceful and more self assured since my session the other day.

For a while now I had been aware of some of my personality patterns and had been asking the Universe for answers to WHY I was doing what I was doing.  Rosemary’s explanations of  my style and map  within this model were perfect and she was spot on with everything she said about me.  She is a true colleague and friend and I’ll be treasuring my relationship with her for a long time.  Rosemary, you were FANTASTIC!!!!.  Many many thanks and many blessings…  You really helped me today.

Margaret Saunders

Harmonising Energy Coach



Hi Rosemary,

 I’ve enjoyed taking your class, “The Enneagram
Who Are You Called to Be, ?” at Harper college.
I really enjoyed your class. It was great to get into the whole subject. Though it’s very complex you’ve managed to give a great overview and allowing each type to get to know themselves better.
You did a great job and I wanted to say thank you because I’ve learned a lot over the past months especially after taking another look at all your handouts, papers and reviewing my notes with having a little distance.
It’s much easier now to analyze (reflect on) what I’m unconsciously and consciously doing and I often find myself in different situations and think, “don’t go there, you know why you’re doing this.”
I see my growth is very possible!
Thanks oh very much once more,
Saskia W.


I just wanted to thank you for the Enneagram session.
It was extremely helpful and it validated so many things
for me. I am very appreciative of your insightful knowledge,
openness and wisdom.
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and
a New Year filled with Blessings.
Cathy D’Amor
If you are looking for your life’s answers, then Rosemary Hurwitz, is your best resource. When I think of Rosemary, one of the first words that comes to mind is “awareness.” In fact I think she could be considered the “Awareness Queen!”
She recently (Fall 2018,) conducted an Enneagram (personality to higher consciousness) reading for me that was so detailed, precise- specific to the inner me- that I highly recommend her to you! Sign up for one session or as many as you need to live a life of awareness and good emotional health/spiritual connection. You will be so glad you did!
Lisa Hardwick,
International Publisher