Spirit Driven Living Newsletter

Spirit Driven Living Newsletter


As I reflect on our new leadership and upcoming transfer of power, from President Obama to President Elect Trump, I look at the Enneagram symbol above and feel hope today.

Each one of us has so many gifts to offer the world, including the people who serve us in government. This is true even though we may think otherwise sometimes. I encourage you to look at the Enneagram symbol above and know we ALL embody the 9 aspects of these types, even though we have our home in one of them.

Whoever your candidate was, they have their gifts and when they come from these gifts and not the stress that brings out their non-resourceful and disconnected side, they are in touch with their better angels, we say, and they can lead to the best of their abilities. They can best serve.

No one will do everything for everyone. There were people who “held their nose” through much of President Obama’s 8 years and there will be people now who must “hold their nose” through President –Elect Trump’s term. Both camps if open minded, and in touch with the gifts in all people, can admit to something good at the end of –(not necessarily a campaign but) a 4 year term.

Now is our time to find the good qualities in the candidate that won the election, no matter how offended we may have been with several of his comments, or positions.

And to know, as President Obama said on the news today, the job of president is bigger than any one person.

If you would like to see what President-Elect Trump plans to accomplish in the first 100 days, google that or print it out for someone. He was not my candidate and I found some things in this article that made good sense.

There will be much to learn for us all if we are open to the new leadership, as Hilary Clinton encouraged us to be.

It feels good to be hopeful, good to be open- even expectant about a bright future for United States of America! If you would like to see a great movie that puts all things in perspective, go see Arrival, a beautiful story that will help you see a bigger picture of humanity than you have today, I promise!

Please come to a workshop to learn about your better angels, your resourceful, authentic side. It is also your happy side, but found in a deeper way than you might initially think!

Check the class/event schedule page of my “new” website spiritdrivenliving.com- Remember, you can connect or give a well-received gift for a private session.

Be well, Love Rosemary